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Hit the Deck: Twitter pix of the week: @Braves abs, ‘school’ supplies, purple kicks, @JDate

Baseball’s tweeps aren’t shy about sharing pictures some of their most humorous, mundane and intimate moments with the world. READ THE COLUMN HERE!

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Picture: Atlanta Braves Abs Contest – Dan Uggla v. Gerald Laird v. Photobomb

The Atlanta Braves are mere days from clinching yet another National League East title, but that is stopping them from having a little fun. Today, Braves back-up second baseman Elliot Johnson decided to conduct a Twitter poll between second basement … Continue reading

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Hit The Deck! “But Dad, It’s Shark Week!”

Q: What is the most anticipated TV event for baseball’s tweeps?  A: Shark Week! Here’s what the guys had to say about great whites. READ THE COLUMN HERE

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Hit The Deck! Red Sox-Rays marathon brought to you by letters G A R F O O S & E

Sunday night, the Red Sox and Rays battled through 16 innings before Boston eked out a 1-0 victory. While many (at least for a while) were watching ESPN’s coverage, there was an alternative “broadcast” on Twitter courtesy of a Tampa … Continue reading

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Hit The Deck! Find out what Baseball’s Tweeps are up to in my Latest Column

Hit The Deck! All-Star break edition! Baseball’s tweeps go fishing, eat Cheetos and cry during the Home Run Derby While there was plenty of coverage around those who made the All-Star team and the game itself, here’s a peek inside how … Continue reading

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