Video: Australian Baseball League Ad – Baseballs Attack Aussie City!

The Australian Baseball League (ABL), which is co-owned by Major League Baseball and the Australian Baseball Federal, started its second season in November. The Brisbane Bandits create a humorous ad in which baseball meteors knocking off some of the city’s top landmarks.

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Funny Picture: Missouri Gas Station’s Message to Albert Pujols

After the Love Has Gone Photo: Courtesy Kary Booher @karybooherNL

Cardinal Nation is not taking the news of Albert Pujols signing with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim very well. One chain of sporting goods stores in St. Louis was giving all Pujols jerseys, shirts, etc. away for FREE yesterday. People are not happy, even though the St. Louis Cardinals completed the most improbable journey to win the 2011 World Series. Kerry Booher, who covers the Double-A Springfield (MO.) Cardinals posted the above picture on his twitter account.

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Hit The Deck! Player buzz to Pujols going (almost) Hollywood

 Not surprisingly, Twitter blew up this morning after King Albert signed a monster deal with the so-called “Mystery Team” – also known as Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Fans in Cardinal Nation were optimistic when they went to bed last night after learning the Redbirds upped their bid and the newly crowned Miami Marlins were out of the Pujols Pool. Little did they know, they would lose their beloved first baseman to yet another team that has as many name changes as a Hollywood actress. Here’s early reaction from some of our favorite tweeps and a few new ones since Hit The Deck! took a little hiatus. CHECK OUT THE COLUMN HERE!

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Video: Japanese Astronaut Plays Baseball in Space!

Japanese astronaut, Satoshi Furukawa, plays baseball against himself in the International Space Station during mission 28 & 29

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Videos: Did a Philadelphia Rally Squirrel Help the St. Louis Cardinals beat Phillies?

We all know about the rally squirrel from St. Louis (above), but ANOTHER feisty squirrel was spotted, caught and released hours before tonight’s NLDS playoff game between the St. Louis Cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE. The Redbirds have come from 10 1/2 games behind on August 25 to win the Wild Card on the last day, thanks to the Phillies sweeping the Atlanta Braves. Now they knock off the heavily favored Phillies. Will the Cardinals amazing run continue against NL Central division rival Milwaukee Brewers? I’m sure St. Louisians will make sure their squirrels get tickets for the games at Busch Stadium.

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Pictures: New York Yankees Rookie Hazing – 80s Music

From left to right: Dellin Betance (Milli), George Kontos (George Michael), Hector Noesi (Prince), Austin Romine (Madonna), Andrew Brackman (Vanilli), Jesus Montero (MC Hammer) and Brandon Laird (Slash)

The New York Yankees finally got around to rookie hazing and they had a great theme – music idols of the 1980s! Milli Vanilli, George Michael, Prince, Madonna MC Hammer and Slash are all represented. Now that what I call the Big 80s! See the full slide show at NJ Ledger site.

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Picture: Chicago Cubs Rookie Hazing 2011 Class Photo!

Photo: Kerry Wood

After the Chicago Cubs lost two late inning games to “hated” rival the St. Louis Cardinals, it was time to dress up the rookies for their flight to San Diego Sunday evening. Veteran pitcher Kerry Wood (now I feel old), posted the picture on his Twitter account with the threat that they may dress up the rookies for more hazing tonight!

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Hazing Pictures: Boston Red Sox Exhale after Defeating Yankees

Here’s the first of hopefully many photos from the Boston Red Sox rookie hazing ritual. NESN reporter Heidi Watney posted the photos as the Sox were on their way to Baltimore after they defeated the Yankees in 14 innings to cling to the American League Wild Card lead. It’s been a tough September for Red Sox Nation, so maybe everybody needs to loosen up for minute.

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Picture: Philadelphia Phillies Rookie Hazing 2011 Class Photo!

Photo: Hunter Pence

The Philadelphia Phillies will determine whether the Atlanta Braves slide into the National League Wild Card spot or face the red-hot St. Louis Cardinals (rather than one of the other division winner) in the NLDS. But none of that mattered Sunday as they were headed down to Hotlanta because it was finally time to put haze rookies! It’s clear they like to show a lot flesh! From Hunter Pence’s personal collection!

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Pictures: Oakland A’s Rookie Hazing Bumble Bees and Wolverines, Oh My!

After dealing the Los Angeles Angels a crushing defeat, the Oakland Athletics decided it was time for a little rookie hazing! Susan Slusser, who covers the A’s for, posted the whole gallery here. (BTW – If the bumble bee costume looks familiar, check out the Astros rookie hazing from two weeks ago.)

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Picture: Los Angeles Dodgers Rookie Hazing Spartacus Style

Where the Toga Party?

Los Angeles Dodgers got into the rookie hazing game (finally)! The Roman tunics are a quite lovely. Spartacus anyone? Rookies Jerry Sands and Russell Mitchell are the victims here. Check out the whole gallery from

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Video: New Alec Baldwin John Krasinski Commercial – The Odd Couple!

The sequel to the infamous 912 commercial finds New York Yankees fan Alec Baldwin now living with Boston Red Sox freak John Krasinski. It’s the bottom of the ninth and Alec has to use the bathroom. Superstition leads to disastrous (and hilarious) results!

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Pictures: New York Mets Rookies Dressed as Cheerleaders

You'll Love the Way THEY Fly!

The New York Mets finally got into the rookie hazing game after swiping two of three from the reeling Atlanta Braves at Turner Field. Here are Nyets lovelies posing with several much more attractive Delta flight attendants before boarding their flight to St. Louis to face the Cardinals. Go to to see a whole gallery of pictures.

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Pictures: Houston Astros Rookie Hazing in Chicago!


The 2011 Houston Astros are by far the worst team in baseball so it should be no surprise that they have plenty of rookies playing in September. Last night after losing a tough game at Wrigley Field against the Chicago Cubs, the Astros rookies were dressed up to hit the Windy City. Hazing photos are courtesy of Astros pitcher (and St. Louis Cardinals killer) Bud Norris. CLICK ON INDIVIDUAL IMAGE TO VIEW.

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Picture: St. Louis Cardinals Rookie Hazing!

The Cardinals Hit the Thrift Store!

The St. Louis Cardinals are making a frenetic push for the Wild Card spot in the National League, but they took time off to have a little fun by getting into the rookie hazing game!

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