Hit the Deck! Column

In May 2011, I launched a new column covering tweets from current and former major and minor baseball players. The columns can be found on Through The Fence Baseball.

September 10, 2013: Hit the Deck: Twitter pix of the week: @Braves abs, ‘school’ supplies, purple kicks, @JDate

September 7, 2013: Hit the Deck: Players chime in on #PeytonManning, #FantasyFootball

September 3, 2013: Hit the Deck: Oakland A’s Josh Reddick’s Twitter scavenger hunt

August 29, 2013: Hit the Deck: Baseball’s Tweeps are back!

January 17, 2012: Hit the Deck! @Decker6: Funniest player you’re not following on Twitter

December 12, 2011: Hit the Deck! Baseball’s Tweeps are #Tebowing!

December 8: Hit the Deck! Player buzz to Pujols (almost) going Hollywood

August 22: Hit the Deck! Is @LoMoMarlins the first MLB player demoted for tweets? #FreeLoMo

August 4: Hit the Deck! “But Dad, It’s Shark Week!”

July 18: Hit the Deck! Red Sox-Rays marathon brought to you by letters G A R F O O S & E

July 15: All-Star break edition! Baseball’s tweeps go fishing, eat Cheetos and cry during the Home Run Derby

June 24: Baseball’s tweeps buzzing about goldfish, a robotarm, Canseco’s marriage proposal and no cookies after a drug test!

June 2: Baseball’s tweeps are ranting and raving about goats, chivalry, heat and flossing

May 25: Baseball’s tweetaholics are not so anonymous


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