Hit The Deck! Is @LoMoMarlins the first MLB player demoted for tweets? #FreeLoMo

LoMo: Cast-away to New Orleans

A week ago Saturday, Logan Morrison, one of baseball’s most prolific tweeps, was unceremoniously and curiously demoted to triple-A. There has been considerable buzz that LoMo was shipped to New Orleans, not because of his numbers, but as a slapdown by Florida Marlins management, who haven’t been amused with his tweeting. To be fair, LoMo’s stats have dropped sharply after a hot start, but his OBP ranked third on the big club. Further fuel was added to the fire when LoMo changed his avatar this week from one with the word “Censored” over his mouth to a silhouette of his home-run swing. @LoMoMarlins has more than 60,000 followers not only because LoMo gives us hilarious quips about his life, but also in the way he interacts with other tweeps (friends or foes). LoMo is a cut above the rest in the latter category. #FreeLoMo

(Editor’s note: For those unfamiliar with Twitter, in each entry below, LoMo’s responses are first, followed by the comment that triggered his response.)


B? RT @JoshTurnes: @CSNGiants How dumb is @LoMoMarlins? A.) Dumb B.) Really Dumb C.) Really Really Dumb #moron

Better than an Underrated Slut RT @hdbdxixnff @LoMoMarlins ur an overrated bitch

Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed RT @_TBOZ LoMo idk why I follow u. Ur neither funny or good. Plus u play 4 a AAA team

OMG is that a dog in ur Avatar or did u feed a Gremlin after midnight??? RT @yadelc LoMo only because ur my 16th favorite player in florida

Same way it feels 4 u 2 look in the mirror naked RT @TheKOShow: @LoMoMarlins How does it feel to know you will never win a world series?

Your gf didnt seem to think so last nightRT @mattserra6: @LoMoMarlins all you do is tweet..are you a loser? READ THE WHOLE COLUMN AT THROUGHTHEFENCEBASEBALL.COM.

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