Video: Cubs Soto Gets Kick Out of White Sox Guillen Booting Face Mask

The Crosstown Rivalry usually brings some memorable moments. Last year, it was Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano’s meltdown. Monday night, it was time for the Chicago White Sox turn to get in the spotlight, courtesy of their lovable, but hot-headed manager, Ozzie Guillen.

Cubs catcher Geovany Soto was behind the plate when Guillen went out to argue a call in the sixth inning. Soto had dropped his mask and Guillen booted it during his rant. The White Sox manager was ejected. Soto said he’s watched the replay of Guillen kicking his catcher’s mask about 80 times. It still makes him laugh. (Watch VIDEO HERE.)

“It was funny,” Soto said, “I know it’s the heat of the game and Ozzie has a lot of emotion and it’s the crosstown rivals. He was just angry. I know it wasn’t anything personal toward me.”

The catcher was looking at the Cubs dugout as Guillen continued to argue. Soto wanted to make sure his teammates were watching. “Ozzie kicking the mask is one thing,” Cubs outfielder Reed Johnson said. “To see Geo’s reaction was great.”

After the game, Guillen noted he would have broken his toe 20 years ago had he kicked a catcher’s mask, given that they were much heavier back then.

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