Picture: Who You Gonna Call? Chicago Cubs Hope to Reverse Goat Curse with “Goatbusters” T-shirts

Who You Gonna Call?!! Credit: Chicago Tribune

Can the Chicago Cubs really get rid of the infamous Billy Goat Curse? Remember this is the team that is marketing with the slogan (oxymoron): “It a Way of life (TM)” – using the iconic (and rarely used) “W” flag in “Way” as part of the design. With another disappointing start, the Cubs are trying to do everything they can to keep it together as a team. Trying to show solidarity, team veterans made up T-shirts with a “Goatbusters” logo on the front and a saying on the back: “(Expletive) the goat.” The team wore the shirts on the field during early workouts before batting practice on Tuesday before their game at Wrigley Field against the Milwaukee Brewers. UPDATE: The T-shirts are working! The Cubs rallied from a 4-1 deficit in the bottom of the eighth to beat the Brewers, 5-4, in 10 innings. Here’s the full article at ESPN. You can get more at Chicago Tribune as well.

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