Maxim Names Orioles Luke Scott One of Dumbest Guys in Sports

Maxim Magazine just named “The 10 Dumbest Dumb-Asses in Sports” and I guess it’s good for baseball that only one player made the list the Baltimore Orioles Luke Scott. Though you’d never guess it from Maxim’s opening sentence. Fortunately, the other sports, particularly the NFL has so many softballs, several other Major Leaguers (and you know who you are) are breathing a sigh of relief. The irony is that the Maxim article doesn’t even get into his birther statement. Memo to athletes: You’re never going to win when it comes to politics – no matter which side you’re on. Don’t get me wrong, I like Luke Scott (check out his designated hitter ritual video above — he’s quite articulate), but this Maxim’s blurb is pretty funny:

Luke Scott (Ass in the Outfield): Baseball players are so reliably dumb we should use them for chemical testing. Take Orioles left fielder Luke Scott, who fulfills every stereotype of a white baseball player by wearin’ Affliction shirts huntin’ deer when he ain’t takin’ battin’ practice, and rockin’ out to Nickelback. Let’s listen to some of Scott’s more recent musings: “I’m a big fan of Ted Nugent because he’s a ‘keep it real’ type of guy. I’m Scottish; my heritage, my last name is Scott…This country is basically built on an attitude…”

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