Did Drunk SF Giants and Washington Capitals Fans Rumble During Hockey Game?

Aubrey Huff Just Smokin' & Drinkin' at Hockey Game

WEDNESDAY A.M. UPDATE – HUFF SPEAKS! The San Francisco Chronicle interviewed Aubrey Huff Tuesday night. Huff said the story was “much ado about nothing.” “I wasn’t drunk,” Huff said. “Sure, we all had some beers. We’re baseball players, not saints.” He said the verbal jousting between him and the one fan highlighted in the Deadspin story was “good-natured ribbing” that ended with the two posing for photographs and Huff letting the fan see Huff’s championship ring.

“This one guy was wearing out his own team, and I said, ‘They’re trying their best,’ ” Huff said. “He says, ‘How do you know?’ And I said, ‘I’ve got a World Series ring to prove it.’ That’s how it started.” Huff rented the suite and bought the tickets for a number of teammates. “We were just having some fun,” he said. “God knows the team needed it.”

ORIGINAL STORY: The San Francisco Giants are known for being lovable, zany guys. But part of being lovable and zany is being a touch “over the top.” And unfortunately, that over-the-top attitude that comes from members of SF roster might have taken an awkward turn on Sunday, when members of the team went to see a Washington Capitals/Tampa Bay Lightning NHL playoff game at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

According to Deadspin, there are multiple reports about Aubrey Huff and a few other Giants sparring verbally with various Washington fans. Huff, of course, played in Tampa Bay for a long time and is therefore probably a Lightning fan. (Dean’s note: Huff and his family live in TB during off-season.) Pat Burrell, well, maybe not so much … The report originates from HomerMcFanboy.com, and it’s simply a single-person narrative about sitting in the luxury suite next to Huff, Brian Wilson, Burrell and a few others. (There’s some salty language, so be warned if you click through.) Huff is the only one that the site was being potentially rude to fans; Wilson was apparently “cracking people up all night long” and Emmanuel Burriss “couldn’t have been nicer. 

Deadspin cites a second reader who sends in visual proof of the Giants at the game (or, a VERY good Wilson look-a-like with similar fashion taste) and offers a different take: perhaps the Caps fans are the ones who started things. “This game is so boring I’d rather watch the Nationals beat the hell out of a crappy team,” a fan apparently said to the Giants. Naturally, this went over about as well as reminding a Giants fan about the time the team traded for A.J. Pierzynski. Huff and Wilson allegedly got involved with a little trash-talking, but eventually things calmed down, and apparently everyone “made nice.” So, it looks like no-harm, no-foul and Huff and the rest of the Giants are likely to be welcome in the Verizon Center going forward. Although we might have a better idea if that’s the truth the first time Huff comes to bat on Monday night in D.C. Source: NBC BAY AREA

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