Surprise! Ozzie Guillen In-Game Tweeting Tests MLB Policy + Video of His Tirade

Click on Pic to See Ozzie's Latest Tirade

Leave it to Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen to push the limits of Major League Baseball policy. I know it’s hard to believe, but MLB has not had to deal with a player, coach or manager sending out social media messages while a game was still in play. Even more unbelievable (that’s tongue in cheek) is that there is no standard policy on how to discipline the action. Welcome to the 21st Century MLB. The rules state that all social media must stop 30 minutes prior to the first pitch. Guillen was ejected in the first inning of Wednesday’s game against the New York Yankees by home-plate umpire Todd Tichenor for arguing a called third strike on the White Sox Paul Konerko. 

Before play had even resumed in the bottom of the first inning, Guillen sent out his first Twitter message that read: “This one is going to cost me a lot of money this is patetic (sic).”  Next: “Today a tough guy show up a yankee stadium.” Perhaps, he was referring to Tichenor.  In typical Ozzie fashion, when he was asked about the tweets after the game:  “I no worry about that,” Guillen said. “Let’s talk about [expletive] baseball. [Expletive] tweeting.”

UPDATE: MLB suspends Guillen for two games for violating the policy. Does this mean Guillen can’t tweet during suspension?

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