Video: BYU and AFA Baseball Teams Engage in Rain Delay Fun

During a rain delay before a recent game between the Air Force Academy and Brigham Young at Larry H Miller Field in Provo, Utah, the teams decided to kill the time by having some fun. The Falcons and Cougars players sent notes to each other by tossing baseballs. These BYU and AFA players are quite talented as the entertainment included everything from human bowling, landing fishing, human curling aka tarp sliding, a parody of the Shake Weight for Men and a rousing version of disco classic “I Will Survive.” After an hour and 45 minute delay, mainly due to lightning (you can’t play baseball, but it’s OK to engage in shenanigans), the game started with the BYU beating the Falcons 10-4. Be sure to check the Radford University v. High Point University JOUSTING Video.

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