2010 Baseball Memories: Video – St. Louis Cardinals & Cincinnati Reds Fight

On August 10, 2010, when the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds were battling out for first place in Cincinnati, a brawl broke out – or was it a hockey game? (The video begins with Cardinals ace Chris Carptenter’s interview and clips of the fight follow.) Anyway, the Cardinals swept the Reds and were in first place, only to begin a horrendous slide by dropping dozens of games to losing teams during the next few weeks. By the time, the teams met again in St. Louis four weeks later, the Reds had an eight game lead. Even though the Redbirds won the season series 12-6, in the end, the Cardinals swoon left them five games off the pace and packing for an early winter. Looking forward to another spirited season between these two iconic teams in 2011.

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