Memo to CJ Wilson: Super Glue Use is Illegal

C.J. Wilson tried everything he could think of to close a blister on his pitching hand Thursday night during Game 2 of the World Series. The Texas Rangers starter even attempted to seal the skin with super glue. However, that is illegal. In 2003, Montreal Expos pitcher Zach Day was ejected for trying the exact same trick, a violation of rule 8.02 (b). That rule says that a pitcher is automatically ejected if he is found with any foreign substance on his fingers. Umpire Bill Miller, who ejected Day, said: “We don’t really believe the kid thought he was cheating, but that has nothing to do with it. He had a foreign substance on his person and that means he is in violation of this rule.” According to Yahoo Sports writer David Brown, Wilson addressed the situation after Thursday’s game by saying: “If it would have happened in between innings, or something, then maybe I could have super-glued it (again). They’re not going to let you super-glue your finger (in the middle of an at-bat) because maybe that’s a ‘performance-enhancer’ or some crap like that.” My comment: It’s unfortunate because Wilson was pitching brilliantly before bowing out of Game 2 in the seventh inning, holding the San Francisco Giants to three hits and two runs, the second run was giving up by reliever Darren Oliver.


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