World Series Game 1 Ratings Drop 23.1% in Viewers & 25.4% in Demo

The final ratings are out: Game 1 of the 2010 World Series was viewed by only 15.009 million viewers and a 4.7 in the 18-49 demographic that advertisers love. That represents a 23.1% drop in viewers and a 25.4% drop in the demo. Last year, Game 1 between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies averaged a much heftier 19.51 million viewers and a 6.3/17 among adults 18-49. Even though the series features the #5 (Dallas-Fort Worth) and #6 (San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose) television markets, the power of so-called “national teams” like the Yankees, Phillies, Red Sox, Dodgers and Cubs shows. Not surprisingly,  these teams are always featured during the regular season on Fox and ESPN. Perhaps, if those networks showed the Rangers, who were in first place from the start, and the Giants with their incredible pitching throughout the season, the ratings might be a bit better. It’s a real shame because both teams are fun to watch with players who have real personalities. Let’s hope this one goes more than four games.

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