Portland Kicks Out Beavers After Nearly 100 Seasons

The Portland Beavers, who in various incarnations, have been around almost continuously since 1903 (sans 1973-77 and 1994-2000) played their last game in the Rose City yesterday afternoon. The reason: the Beavers’ stadium PGE Park was renovated as a soccer-only stadium in order to attract Major League Soccer. As a result, the San Diego Padres Triple-A affiliate was left without a home. Of course, the original plan was to build the Beavers a baseball-only park, but that was before the economy tanked or, at least, that’s the common rhetoric. Oregonians are notorious for denying pro-sports tax dollars. Many of the more than 15,600 fans wore black during Monday’s finale, a 6-5 victory over the Las Vegas 51ers, the Toronoto Blue Jays’ top farm team.

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