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Samson Effect: Cardinals Go Bald, Lose Power

After the struggling St. Louis Cardinals decided to shave their heads in unison, they were two-hit by the hapless Houston Astros. Calling Hair Club for Men!

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Halter Top Day: Best Promotion Ever

Back in the 1970s, when the Minnesota Twins were owned by wild man Calvin Griffin, they gave away halter tops emblazoned with, yes, the word “Twins”. And those were the days when you knew what was real. If anyone has pictures from … Continue reading

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Tampa Bay: When Winning Isn’t Enough

The Rays, who are tied with the Yankees with the best record in MLB, hosted the Red Sox on national television last night. Only 23,438 bothered to show up and half of them were BoSox fans. The only game that drew less … Continue reading

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Replay History: Brian McCann’s Dinger is 1st Walkoff HR

Brian McCann becomes a footnote in MLB Replay history as his two-run homer becomes the first to decide a game since MLB instituted the replay review two years ago yesterday. The Atlanta Braves overcame a 6-1 deficit to the Florida … Continue reading

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What is No Pepper?

Definition: Pepper is a  pre-game exercise where one player hits brisk grounders and line drives to a group of fielders who are standing around 20 feet away. The fielders throw to the batter who uses a short, light swing to hit … Continue reading

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Adam Wainwright’s Easy Road to 20? Not so fast!

After beating Cincinnati to win his 17th game on August 11, it seemed like the St. Louis Cardinals ace would hit that magic 20 number before the end of August. His next three opponents: Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and Washington — all sub-500, … Continue reading

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No Pepper Playing!

Welcome to “No Pepper Playing” — a place where I’ll post various baseball oddities, stats, screw-ups and inspirations as well as other random items that make us fanatics for America’s Pastime.

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